Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Dinner Party!

 A little holiday get together! The chicken was supposed to be the center piece of this picture, it was bigger than what this picture is making it out to be. I was hanging out with some mighty people this night! Half was doctors and the other half had jobs in the media. One guy, who had to leave early, is a camera man that takes pictures of idols for magazines. The most recent photo shoot that he did involved the AKB 48 girls! (For those of you who don't know they are, at the moment they are one of the most high profile singing girl groups) The woman on the far left and her husband, who is taking the picture, work at a Nagoya T.V. other words I was the itty bitty person that had nothing to really contribute to the conversation, but everybody was so nice that they included me in their conversations.

 The Chicken! Yes, it deserves a capital letter! It was very good! Thank you Nao-san!

 Sato attempting to cut the chicken. Notice he is attempting to surgically cut the chicken. lol

The cake! I've had so much cake this holiday season, I think I don't need any more cake for at least......three more days. hehe (# ^-^ #) Hey, that's a long time to go without cake!