Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hitsumabushi Lunch

 I was given two choices for lunch on this day, the eel or.....

 seafood hitsumabushi. It was a very hard decision to make! They both looked soooooo good and smelled even better!

 In the end I went for the eel. I was having a craving for eel and this really hit the spot. Both options were over rice and very hot! They came in these metal pots that were sitting in wood boxes, for lack of a better explanation.

 This was an omiyage that Sato's brother and wife brought for all of us. This is salmon on sushi rice. It was pressed down onto the rice and then folded with these leaves and packed into a wooden box. It was really good that I had about 4 pieces including the eel hitsumabushi, although I couldn't finish all of the eel. I passed it on to Sato who polished it off for me.

 Sato had gone to Osaka for a conference and I told him to bring back a cake. He said that this cheesecake is well known in Osaka for being one of the best cheesecakes in Osaka. That gold sticker showed an award that this cheesecake had won this year.

Doesn't it look good? I have to say it was the best cheesecake that I have had so far in Japan. The next time Sato goes to Osaka I may have to ask him to bring this back again. lol