Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Dinner.....Sushi!

 This was Chrismas Eve, but we had a little mini celebration at Sato's parent's house. There was the strawberry shortcake on the left and the chocolate cake on the right.

 This is Christmas dinner! Sato took me and his parent's to this sushi restaurant called Okezushi, and it is one of the best sushi restaurant's in Nagoya!

 We started with a little tofu that the Master has specially made with one of his contacts, of course top secret information.

 I can't remember all the names of the different kinds of fish that I had, but Sato made reservations for the Christmas course. At a place like this it is best if you just choose a course and let the Master go to work. They ask you if there is anything that you don't like or are allergic to and they will alter the menu a little bit for you. Of course, if you don't like fish I highly recommend that you don't go to a sushi restaurant.

 If you like seafood and have an open palette then I highly suggest that you come here and enjoy what the Master serves you! This is Unagi and Anago, two different types of eel.  I won't comment too much in this blog, because the pictures speak for themselves. Every time you come to a new picture just know that the Delicious comments are implied! I will try to label what each picture is if I can.

 Ama-ebi, Sweet Shrimp.

 Uni, Sea Urchin. I usually don't care for Uni, but this was very good. There was no trace of bitterness!

 Chu toro, fatty tuna.

 Fugu, Puffer fish.

 Miso soup with seasonal clams.

 Chawan mushi, Japanese egg custard.

 Kani, crab.

 Ikura, Salmon eggs. This is another one that I usually don't order, but here it was very smooth! Not overly salt or tough.

 Hotate, scallop.

 Awabi, I want to say Abalone, but I could be wrong.

 Saba, Mackeral. One of my favorites!!!! There is konbu or a type of seaweed on top, but this one you don't even notice.

Tekka maki, Tuna roll.


 The beautiful place mat that I didn't even really notice until after I finished eating. My eyes went straight to the display of fish.

 Dessert was fresh strawberries. The Master doesn't do anything with the strawberries other than keep the location of where he gets them from a secret. These strawberries had a wonderful flavor that I have never encountered in a strawberry and probably never will again unless I come back to this restaurant during the winter.

 Of course, when the Master asks you what was your favorite out of the entire meal don't say the strawberries, because one, he knows they were good, and two, he didn't make them. He wants to know out of the items that he made, what did you like the best. I had to say the uni and ikura, because I normally don't care for them but they were so good! I would gladly order them again! Also, when you start getting full you can ask them to reduce the amount of rice. Just don't ask them to reduce the rice before you start eating, because the rice is a certain size for a reason.

All the salt that the Master uses is specially made. He gave us a packet of salt that he has made nearby and it has his picture and the address of the restaurant on it. It's his special blend of salt.