Saturday, December 4, 2010

Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens

 The fall leaves at the zoo was very pretty. It was kind of the main reason why Sato and I decided to go to the zoo. The animals were secondary, lol.

 These are Black Swans. They aren't the prettiest looking animals, but they are interesting looking. I'm used to seeing white swans, not black ones.....I didn't even know there were black swans.

This is a Ezoshika, a Japanese deer. There were others in the house area and they had big antlers, but they were a little far away to take a good picture of.

 I just thought it was funny that the crows were taking a bath in the deer's drinking water. The crows were having a full on shower at one point.

 We tried to take a picture of the Tiger, but this was the best picture we could get of her. She was continuously walking back and forth in her cage. I guess she was a little agitated.

Here is some more pictures of the fall leaves at the zoo.

 These are pictures in the Botanical Gardens. Sato calls this one "Toge-toge kun" or spiky guy. lol
In other words we don't remember what it's official name is.

 We couldn't get a very good picture of this flower, but the size and color of the flower was amazing that I had to share. It was one of the prettiest flowers that I have seen since the Dahlias at Nabana No Sato.

This is our final picture of our adventure at the zoo. A picture of us in front of some red and pink flowers.