Saturday, December 11, 2010

Domesticating a Stray kitten named Monta

 This little guy is Monta. Sato and I found him and he is really NOT used to humans. He may look all cute and cuddly, but he does not like people coming too close yet. Every morning he greets me with a "Shyaaaa" (hissing), so I just say Good Morning! Then he says "Shyaaaa" and I interpret that as to mean "I'm hungry. Where's my food?"

 Awww! So cute! He is getting used to me and now sleeps in any position. Before he would only sleep in a back corner where I couldn't see him. Now, he sleeps out in the open....and often like this or leaning against his teddy bear.

 He is very playful and sometimes if I am not playing with him he will play with his own tail. I will hear him making a lot of noise and it's him running around chasing after his tail. lol

 Monta loves this toy! He will jump in the air chasing after it. This is him in mid attack.

 This is Monta in flight after the toy. hahaha I know it's all blurry from his movements, but you can see his front paws by his face in this picture! I LOVE it!!

 This is him wondering how the toy could have possibly escaped from under his paws.

This is Monta pretending to not care, and that it didn't hurt his ego, that the toy escaped from his clutches. When he is playing sometimes he ends up landing on me and you can see this look on his face like, "oh that's close!" and run back into his kitty apartment, only to come right back out and do it all over again. He also does this thing where he smacks my foot to see if I will attack him. I try not to jump, but it's always a little surprising when he does it and I can't help the reaction. He is getting a little chubby from all the treats that I have been giving him, but the plus side is that he comes really close to me to get them. He also sits on my lap when I feed him.