Friday, December 31, 2010

Cakes and some English Mistakes

 Strawberry shortcake anybody? This was Sato's cake and I was able to grab a bite before it was all gone.

 This was a chocolate cake and it was really rich. I couldn't eat all of it, so Sato polished it off for me. No food goes to waste when I am with him!

 I saw this sign when we were walking into the cafe, but I didn't notice the sentence underneath Merry Christmas until we were on our way out.

 What does this mean? "The wonderfully throbbing Christmas"? Were they trying to describe the lighting during Christmas time or the feeling of Christmas time? I'm not sure what was going on here....

This was at a Thai restaurant called, Don Muang in Sakae. I was out to dinner with some co-workers when one of them noticed something funny about the description of the craB section. Apparently, the owner feels that their crab isn't the best. I would have to, vehemently, disagree though, the crab curry is excellent! lol We were debating whether we should let the people in the restaurant know, but we figured that there weren't that many English speakers who come to the restaurant. We decided that it would just be more embarrassing to have it pointed out to them. Besides, it's harmless don't you think?