Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tokoname, Japan: The Man In The Window

This is actually a mask that I saw in a window. I liked how the photo turned out with the ghost like feeling of people from years long since past.


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 A Hannya Mask. The face of a woman who detests all beings, the story goes that her child was taken away from her and so she turned to hatred. (I'm not well versed in the Buddhist stories so please feel free to correct me or add to this)


 This is a goldfish aquarium and yes, those blobs staring at you are goldfish.


A close-up of the goldfish.

Next, photos of my time at the Glass blowing shop, Glassworks Luck!


次のポーストは グラスワクス ラック と言う ところでふきグラスをやりました!