Monday, December 5, 2011

Toyota city, Japan: Kouranke Gardens At Night


The night view at Kouranke Gardens was beautiful! They light up the Autumn leaves and it gives a completely different experience from seeing Autumn leaves in the day time!

この木は赤くなかったけどきれだなっと思いました。 どう思いますか?

I know this tree isn't green, but I thought it was still beautiful. What do you think?

さいきんブローがでもんだがいっぱいありましてちゃんとポーストができませんでした。まだもんだがなおってないのでポーストがちよと時間がかかります。ごめんなさい。でもいつも見ててありがとうございます!m(_ _)m

Since I have been having problems with my blogger I haven't been able to upload photos. I now have found a way to post photos, but it takes some time. I will do my best to get back to my previous pace of posting every other day, wish me luck! Thank you for continuing to visit my blog (for those of you who are new, thank you for visiting!)

Thank you!! o(^-^)o

Victoria Marie