Thursday, September 20, 2012

New York Series: From the Pier to Central Park

Many people were interested in touring this ship. There were tour buses constantly dropping people off here. One reason why I didn't go in was the sheer length of the line. 

This was enough for me.

From the pier you can look back on the city or...

look out over the water. It was another great place to pass the time in Manhattan.

We went on a bicycle tour with "Bike and Roll". You could go with a group or rent bikes and go explore on your own. We went on a group tour to hear about New York City and learn about what we were looking at.

I would definitely take this tour again! The guide was friendly, patient and informative. He didn't make you feel bad if you needed to go a little slower than the rest of the group on the hills. We were given many opportunities to get off our bikes and take photos in the best places!

A stop by Strawberry Field and a look at Yoko Ono's home! (The building on the right the top floors).

For those of you interested in the Bike and Roll tour go here. Tony was our guide on this day and he was an awesome guide!