Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nakatsugawa: Beautiful River, Scary Bridge

The river here is really beautiful. At first you just hear it and then through the trees you start to make out the rocks and then the RIVER.

 Coming from a city called Gig Harbor (about an hour from Seattle) I am used to seeing the ocean everyday. To go to work or go shopping I would have to cross the Puget Sound. Some days I really miss seeing the water, so this was a nice trip for me.

 The Puget Sound isn't clear or anything, but just being near water and the view of a sunset on the water with Mt. Rainier in the background....(sigh)

I have to admit this bridge frightened me at first. Mainly because it moves a bit when there is more than one person on it. As you can see the "railing" is rope and steel cables nothing really "solid". But, I really wanted to get close to the water so I took a deep breath and just focused on the steps (after taking photos over the cables). 

Trust me it is worth it to cross that bridge to get here. You will have more proof in the next post.