Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toba, Japan: The Husband and Wife Rocks

 This fire wasn't strong enough to warm me up, especially with the strong winds coming from the ocean.

 Tie your bad fortunes to get ride of them.

Meotoiwa or the "Husband and Wife Rocks". They are tied together by a sacred rope and this is supposed to be a power spot for married couples. It might include couples who are planning to get married. Wish for a happy marriage!

As I mentioned before it is the year of the Snake. These placards are waiting for people to buy one and write their wish on the back. 

A couple tying their bad luck away.

The Husband rock.

Honestly, when I saw these rocks in person I was disappointed. The photographs I had seen before made them seem very big. Then my boyfriend pointed out that it's a rock, not a mountain. That is very true and I am no longer disappointed.

If you have a chance to visit here just remember, it's a rock, not a mountain. For a rock it is very big.