Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful Yellow Cars at the Toyota Automobile Museum

There were a few cars that were yellow , yes, this is more gold than yellow but I decided to include it in this post.


Inside (one of) the Hispano Suza. It is covered in snake skin! First time for me to see snake skin covered seats in a car.

これはヒスパノ スーザーです。インテリヤはレザーでわなくへびでした!はじめて見ました。

 This Hispano Suza was black with gold trim, but I felt it should go with the other Hispano Suza.

この車は黄色でわないですけど、ふたつのヒスパノ スーザーはこのポーストにあったほうがいいかな、と思いました。

 It had a very simple interior and it was an open car. I think you have to climb over the door to get inside this one.


I would put more car names on here, but as I mentioned in the previous post I am not good with car names. I do appreciate the beauty of these cars though. So much thought and time was put into these cars that I couldn't not post these photos. I hope you will have a chance to visit this museum! It was interesting to see how cars evolved over time.