Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nagoya, Japan: Yoshikawa's Course Menu

 I want to say this is a fish called Tai, but I am horrible with fish names. All I know is that it was a light flavored fish that went really well with pairings you see here. I had 2 options to roll it with these little brown salty seaweed like things and green onion (my favorite option by the way) or with the spicy grated Japanese radish in soy sauce.


 Teriyaki Yellowtail with nagaiimo and yuzu on top. There was no rice with this dish, but as long as you ate it with the nagaiimo it was fine. This was really good! The yellowtail just melts in your mouth.

てりやきぶりとながいいもとゆずがのっています。 ごはんはなかったけどながいいもといいしょにたべればだいきょぶでした。

This was a little more on the salty side because of the sauce, but it was so good! It had a crunchy crust, but it was very soft in the middle. This was my second favorite dish!


 The last of the course! I was pretty full by this point, but the clams in the soup were delicious! I also couldn't pass up the rice with green peas inside. This was the first time I had rice with green peas inside unless it was fried rice. lol


Of course there was dessert! It had a light flavor with fresh fruit in a jelly with egg custard on the bottom. Personally, I would have liked a little more custard, but it probably would have overpowered the flavors of the fruits.