Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toyota Automobile Museum: Nagakute, Japan (close to Nagoya)

 Toyota Model AA is the first car you see inside the museum. There are 3 floors to the museum. What you see inside the museum isn't everything that Toyota owns. From my inside source, they periodically switch out the cars to maintain the cars and to keep the display on a rotation.

これはトヨタModel AAです。トヨタ博物館はさんかいだてです。中に入るとこの車をさきにみえます。

 The second floor show room. It starts with the history of cars evolution.


 The Stanley Steamer....would you look at that they made cars originally and not steam cleaners!

 Leonardo Da Vinci's Self-propelled cart. c.1480

レオナルド ダ ヴィンチの車、エンギンなしとどうぶつなしでうごきます。

 I don't think the windshield would do much......but okay.


Up next more of the cars at the museum! There were many cool looking cars and many car symbols and hood ornaments that I had never seen before.....but of course that's probably because I'm not a car buff.