Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nagoya, Japan: Yoshikawa's Japanese Restaurant

 The place setting at the restaurant was hand drawn by the owner. I don't know if she does each one by hand or if she makes a few and then recopies them on other place settings, but they are beautiful and original!


 This had shirako in a sweet tangy soy like sauce.


 Chopstick rest


 A clear broth with fish and potato (?) ball with a piece of carrot and bamboo shoot. Very simple and natural flavors, but it was a delicious combination.


 The bento. Everything in here was really good, but my favorite was the egg and cheese cake like thing. It tasted kind of like a cheesecake, but not as sweet. I wouldn't mind eating a block of that! I wish they gave you options for seconds, because I would have asked for more of that.




Sato once again not being able to pose normally.