Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seattle Series: Chambers Creek Beach Front

Here is the old pier. It isn't safe to stand on anymore, but it keeps part of this beachs' history alive.

When you visit here I recommend that you walk along the beach. It is a nice place to walk with your significant other!

You can see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from here! When I visit my parents I always have to cross that bridge. (Actually, there are 2 bridges now, but people still call it in the singular form, bridge)

The ocean around here is some what clear, of course when you get to the deeper areas you can't see very far. For you divers it might be a little cold. A dry or wet suit may help, but I doubt that you will be able to see much of interest. I haven't heard of any popular diving areas.

For those of you who are really bored walking along here you can throw pennies, you would need to be REALLY bored to do this.

A giant piece of drift wood, or would it still be called a tree if it is this big?

This piece of drift wood reminded me of clouds.