Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kobe Around Sannomiya Station

 This was the window of a storefront in Kobe. This is one of my favorite photos.

 A typhoon had arrived in southern Japan during this time, but luckily it had past through and there was only some drizzle and showers left.

 The buildings in this area made me feel like I was somewhere else. I could just have easily been back in the U.S.! Such a beautiful area!

 This is another one of my favorites. A reflection of another building in the area.

 Daimaru is one of the famous department stores in Kobe.

 Makiko and I were planning to have coffee here, but unfortunately they were still serving lunch at this time. If you just want to have coffee at this restaurant you have to wait until 2pm. (T-T) Oh well, there were plenty of other places to have coffee!

 Peeking into the window of the restaurant.

 I like the feel of the black and white photo especially with the fog in the mountains.

 Another fun shop sign. Makes me want to eat a Taiyaki...

 I liked the spiral staircase on this building. What do you think?

 An entrance to Higashimon Street...just in case you couldn't tell.

 Strolling through the streets of Kobe.

 An interesting choice for a store mascot.

Next stop Ikuta Jinja!

Kobe was such a beautiful city and this was when it was raining and a typhoon was hanging around. Imagine what it must be like on a sunny day! I can't wait to re-visit on a nice day!