Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kobes Food!

We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant. We just walked into the first place that looked good and wasn't too busy. It turned out pretty well! It wasn't too expensive and it really hit the spot!

I had Chicken with vegetables....sorry I've forgotten the name of what we ate.

 This soup came with my lunch as a set! We only spent about 1,200 yen for our lunches.

She had the noodle soup which was like Pho and it came with deep fried chicken!

 Some of the interior decoration of the restaurant.

 The restaurant was really small, but they put in a lot of detail into the interior design. I would have taken a picture of the bar, but I didn't want to make the people sitting in front of it feel uncomfortable. (this is a picture of the ceiling wallpaper!)

 They had these lanterns hanging over the tables with a few select paintings on the walls.

 Of course, I have to bring up the Red Star Cafe again! It was too happy to see Bubble Tea again! Of course, this was the first time that I saw it with ice cream!

 Here is the variety of desserts that they had available.

 Later, to get out of the rain we spent time at Nishimura Cafe. They had great gourmet coffee and some cakes were available. We stayed long enough for the rain to let up and decide our last place to go.....more dessert!

 We went to Patisserie Tooth Tooth for our last dessert fix! Makiko had the dessert sampler which was only about 1,500 yen for all this!

 I had a mouse with sparkling grape mouse and jelly. It also had fresh grapes on top! I highly recommend this place for dessert. We had to wait a bit to eat here, but it was worth it. Oh and you can eat lunch or dinner here if you wanted. We just went here for dessert only. The first floor is their bakery and the restaurant is on the second floor.

Well, this is the last of the Kobe photographs that I have. I hope you enjoyed them and were able to get a small idea of what Kobe just might be like!

Up next, Tokoname city in Nagoya! They are famous for Traditional Japanese pottery and ceramics. Also, they have a gigantic Maneki Neko head! They have the full version at the seaside closer to the airport.