Monday, September 5, 2011

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival Part II: The View from the Top

 Festival lanterns

 Nagoya Cities mascot.

 Tree roots.

Walking towards the main castle building .

 The view from the top was pretty, but it would have been prettier if the windows were clean and the spotlights lighting up the castle was glaring up at the windows.

 If you can ignore the spotlight it was a beautiful sunset...

 An old man looking out of one of the windows.

 There were a lot of souvenirs available for purchase. Of course, Sachiko is one of the most famous figurines of Nagoya.

 Or buy the all time favorite cell phone strap. Of course if your cell phone doesn't have a place for the strap you could put it on your key ring, purse, anywhere you want to really.


Looking down from the top.

The view from the top was beautiful. If the spotlights bother you I suggest you go earlier in the day before the turn on the spotlights!