Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kobes' Ikuta Jinjya (Ikuta Shrine)

 A view of all 3 gateways.

 Who would like to throw in some money, ring the bell and pray?

 This was a very muscular guard dog. The ones that I usually see are a little rounder and stocky.

 The wind was blowing this decoration which is made of paper.

 The rope for ringing the bell.

 Sake in barrels were at the temple. I think these barrels were blessed by the temple.

 Who wants their fortune to be told?

 Part of the gateway.

 Usually the plaques are rectangular. This was the first time I'd seen heart shaped ones.

It had the kanji character for Love on it. I think for people wishing to have luck in Love use these plaques. I think it is a nice idea. What do you think?