Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival Part I

 The entrance/exit closest to Nagoya Castle, Shyakusho Station.

 On our way to the entrance of the grounds of Nagoya Castle.

 We went in the evening so there was a beautiful sunset.

 There was a long line to get in, but the line moved relatively quickly!

 The entrance gate.

 Let the fun begin! Of course, this isn't even the main part of the festival....only the beginning.

Some games and more games...although no food yet. Please lead me to the food!

Nagoya Castle and Tetsujin 28 Gou

A close-up of a game stand.

I loved that the plastic hammer was bigger than the little boy!

On the way to Nagoya Castle.....
Do you want to know what everyone was looking at? Then, see below!

Deer! There are 6 all together, including 2 fawns. The second fawn is difficult to see, because it is in the back next to one of the full grown deer.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Nagoya Castle and the view from the top! There will be pictures of the Bon Odori and of the food stands!

This was the summer festival that happened for a couple weekends in August. It was a lot of fun!