Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kobe, Japan The Shopping Arcade

A stained glass window of Kobe Port

 Kobe's shopping arcade.

 There are so many shops! Shoe shops, clothing shops, bag shops, kimono shops, used items shops, and many others!

 These laughing mannequin heads creeped me out. They had a whole way with these heads wearing different colored and styled wigs.

 The entrance to the shopping arcade from the Daimaru department store side. I had to take a picture from the inside, because it was raining too hard.

 One of the side streets to Chinatown!

 A Korean restaurants storefront. I liked how simple the design was.

 There were some great shop and restaurant signs in Kobe.

 A shop window of a tie shop.

 There was a walkway with tile that had random sayings or drawings on them. Here are a couple that I liked.

This is only the beginning of my day in Kobe. What do you think so far? I was already sold from the moment I stepped in the shopping arcade. There are of course, many more photos to be viewed!

I went to Kobe by highway bus from Nagoya. I could have taken the Shinkansen which would have been much easier and faster, but much more expensive! The highway bus took about 3 hours from Nagoya, but only cost 5,500 yen round trip. A round trip ticket by Shinkansen is 15,000 yen, but only takes about 1 or 1.5 hours to get to Kobe. You will have to decide which is better for you. I had a great travel companion so the 3 hours was no problem (Thank you Makiko!!)