Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food in New York City

 We stayed at the Loews Regency Hotel in Manhattan. The location was great (2 blocks from Central Park) and the staff was very friendly! I asked for recommendations for restaurants and the concierge went out of his way to find a restaurant within our budget and yet was close enough for us to walk to. The staff seemed happy working here as well which means they are friendlier to the guests. Nice work guys!

 For our last day in Manhattan we ate breakfast in our hotels' restaurant (the boyfriend had an earlier flight than I did, so we had to eat breakfast in the hotel to save time). I had the Brioche French Toast, it was delicious!

 This gelato was really good! It is located in the Chelsea Market. We were starving (the boyfriend woke up late) since we didn't eat breakfast, but the restaurant Morimoto didn't open for lunch until 12pm (We had to wait 30 minutes until noon. Yeah, we couldn't wait that long.) So, for breakfast we had gelato at L'arte del Gelato! The boyfriend had the mixed berry flavor while I had the vanilla with cherries in it. I would tell you the exact names, but I don't remember the names. Also, I don't know Italian so I can't even fake it.

Alright, so in this photo the gelato I had is the white one with black dots on it (those are the cherries) and the boyfriend had the red one next to it. Yum! The staff wasn't particularly friendly, but the gelato was good enough for me to not care too much. 

 We devoured our gelato with people staring at us as they walked by. That must have been a pretty sight to see us inhaling our gelato, but oh well.

 This is the Morimoto restaurant. It is located sort of in Chelsea market. You have to go out the door and turn to the right and you will see this entrance.

 The interior decoration was very nice. The atmosphere was relaxing and the place filled up more and more as we were eating our lunch. I don't know what it is like at night, but they do have a bar area downstairs that looked nice.

The kitchen staff hard at work to make our lunches. Nice work guys and lady!

 We ordered the bento lunch set. It came with a salad, a little bit of tempura (I wasn't a fan of the blue cheese dipping sauce, I prefer the traditional Japanese sauce which is light) white miso soup, beef or fish ( I had the fish and I really wanted rice to go with it) and some tiny pieces of sushi....Man, I think I have been spoiled in Nagoya to be able to make these comments. I'm sure these things are standard in New York (mini pieces of sushi and an interesting change of sauce) but I like my Japanese food Japanese style, not New York style.

FYI: I didn't want to come to New York and eat in a Japanese Restaurant, but the boyfriend really wanted to eat here.

 The dessert was really good though! It was Mango panna cotta with fresh fruit topping! This I liked! I would come back just to eat this dessert again!