Friday, August 31, 2012

New York Series: From the Top of the Rock

Don't worry I blurred this photo of the Empire State Building on purpose. I really liked the effect that I got and wanted to share.

If you go to the Top of the Rock you will find that the rails are full of people and that you have to wait a little bit to get to the rail in a good spot. It looks kind of like this.

 Empire State Building was beautiful at night, but I would recommend going at twilight. I'm sure the sunset from the Top of the Rock is beautiful! I would have loved to come here at that time of day, but we were limited on time and this was the only time we could come. Maybe next time I will go while the sun is setting.

The Chrysler Building....too bad the Metlife building is in the way!!

Looking towards Park Avenue where we stayed.

Central Park at night.

I really liked how the bridges were lit up.

This is pretty much what everyone was trying to do at the Top of the Rock. We went to the third level where there is no glass in the way, but of course there are lots of people up there for that reason. I would have loved to use my tripod to take a night photograph, but there was no space to do so. I would have had to shove a lot of people out of the way and I didn't want to be rude. There was plenty of room on the second level, but the glass is not clean so you can't get a good photograph anyway. The best you can do is shoot from inbetween the panes of glass, but of course this limits the angles. Good luck!