Thursday, August 9, 2012

Serene Stone Pathway: Shinshiro, Japan

This area was no longer accessible. The bridge had fallen down, but you could see where the stone path led up to the former bridge. We saw a window leading to a chamber underground, but again no access without a bridge. It would have been interesting to go inside.

In this picture you can see the stone path that led to the bridge that I mentioned in the first photo (the thicker stone steps leading to the right). Now, the pathway leads to a little ravine with a  river flowing through it. The bridge must had fallen down a long time ago judging from the overgrowth of plants and vines.

A resting place that no one seems to stop at anymore. The pathway was almost invisible from the plants.

The roof you see in this photo is the security station (that isn't open). I guess there used to be a big need for a security station, so if something happened you reported it here. Must not be enough people visiting the area to need people at the security station.

Where I started to ask, "Are we almost there?".