Sunday, August 5, 2012

Halfway up the 1,000+ Steps to Horaiji: Shinshiro, Japan

The path is very interesting to walk up. We kept stopping to show each other what we found or noticed.

The trees offered good cover from the rain and heat. It was significantly cooler in the woods, but you still work up a sweat, I mean we were hiking up a mountain.

This is a fire hydrant on the mountain. First time I ever saw one of these in the woods.

Yes yes he beat me to the top, but I was busy taking photographs of every leaf and rock I saw. lol

Oh still 500+ steps to go....oh boy.

Even with the hundreds of steps that I had to climb I found that it was a pleasant climb. It was a great change from the city. We felt refreshed walking through the woods and listening to the birds singing.