Friday, August 17, 2012 July: Nagoya, Japan

So, in July I went to Oktoberfest. Don't worry I think it's weird to be going to Oktoberfest in July too. But, then again beer is delicious in summer!

There were two areas of the park that was set up for Oktoberfest. You are free to roam between the two, but come early to get a table. Also, make sure you check both sides to see which one you like better. One side is more livelier than the other.

What happens is you pay about 1,000 yen for the glass deposit (which you get back at the end when you return the glass). Every time you buy a beer they give you a new one if the glass is different. So, if you like one of the glasses save that for last so you can take it home! Otherwise, it doesn't matter and you return it to get 1,000 yen back. (It is a little expensive to drink here, but the beer is good and how often do you drink German beer on tap, unless you are in Germany).

My first beer of the night! (okay, I only drank two, but this is a lot for me! About 500ml per glass!)

Other people enjoying the Oktoberfest beer garden atmosphere. (FYI, this is the calmer side. The livelier side has people dancing in a line and singing songs they don't know).

No, I didn't drink all three. The other two were my friends beers. The pink one was really sweet almost like a cocktail....Are there sweet beers?

My second and last beer of the night. The flavor made me think of bread and it was darker than I am used to, but I still liked it. My favorite though was the first one I drank.

If you have a chance next year, you should go! The atmosphere is very fun and there is one place where you can get a sampler of beers!