Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kyoto, Japan: Sanboin's Garden

We were able to walk behind Sanboin and see the buildings that the monks live, eat and pray in. We couldn't go inside, but that's a no brainer since it is their home. It would be a little unusual to let total strangers to walk through your home whenever they want.

This is the entrance to the garden. Just standing here we could hear some monks praying. There is a very calming atmosphere in this area.

 The garden isn't very big, but it is big enough. When you are inside the garden everything is very hushed. You can hear the trickle of the water running through the little river in the garden.

I really liked standing in this spot, because all around me I could see beautiful images. The trees, the wall, the stones, the ground...very relaxing. It is very difficult to feel stress in this garden.