Monday, December 31, 2012

Seoul, Korea: Changdeokgung Palace


On this palace grounds there were the servants area. I don't have any photographs of that area for the simple reason that it was very plain. The rooms were crammed together and probably people were crammed into the rooms. The beauty that you see every where else is not visible in the servants quarters. I don't know whether I should sad or not over that fact. They may not have had the best lives, but they did get a room and food for every day that they worked in the palace. In that way they were fortunate, but at the same time they had to see the extravagance of the palace day in and day out when they owned nothing. The beauty that I did find in the servant's quarters was from the simplicity of the design. Everything was very natural and not overly done, and that is a form of beauty I think. (Looking back on it, I wish I had taken a photo or two of the servants quarters for that reason.)