Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seoul, Korea: The Royal Bed at Changdeokgung Palace

The rooms of the people who waited on the emperor. Their rooms needed to be close by for when he needed something.

The royal bed. Mother of Pearl was used for decoration. I have to say it doesn't look very comfortable, beautiful, but not comfortable.

I really want to know where that doorway led to, but we were running out of time and since it wasn't open I don't think we would have been able to see.

I have to say it was very quiet around here. Most of the people who were visiting at the same time as us weren't coming to this area. They were more interested in the main rooms, but I think sometimes we can find wonderful things in areas that aren't often explored. A good example is this last view. I really found this last view charming and really felt like the palace had been well preserved through time. There was no chatter of the tour guides or of the other tourists. It felt like we had snuck onto the palace grounds and just around the corner we would run into a palace guard.