Monday, December 10, 2012

Nagoya, Japan: Takashimaya Exhibition- Hokkaido

About twice a year in Nagoya we are lucky enough to have a Hokkaido Exhibit. This one was in October at the Takashimaya Department store. The other one is at the Mitsukoshi Department store, unfortunately I can not remember when they have their exhibit. I want to say in February, but I guess I will have to wait and see!

It is always packed with people buying delicious food from Hokkaido. Very fresh fish, crab and many other varieities of delectables. If you happen to be in Nagoya when this food fair is going on make sure you go! of course, make sure you buy some food to eat!

A variety of Fish Roe, or Mentaiko, some are spicy! I like to eat it with rice or made into a Mentaiko pasta! Yum!

At this fair you can always find live crab! Usually they are huge, like this guy!

My happy treat from the Hokkaido food fair, Fresh scallops, and fresh sea urchin on rice! I'm getting hungry from just looking at this! I know this isn't everyones idea of great food, but even if this isn't there are plenty of other options to try. They offer plenty of sweets from Hokkaido, potato chips covered in Dark chocolate anyone?