Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossoms at Yamazaki River in Mizuho, Nagoya City

 This is tori no sakamushi. Or, chicken steamed in Sake. This is very good and is famous at this Restaurant, Yamamotoya. For our lunch we had one of Nagoya's famous foods to eat....

 Misonikomiudon, which is udon cooked in Miso. I had mine with tempura shrimp and an egg. It was very good! If you like dark miso which is a stronger flavor than white miso then you will like this. Not everyone likes this dish, because many people from other cities are used to a lighter flavor of miso. But, I say give it a try and try it at this yesterday, because they are famous for their Miso nikomi udon!

 After lunch we went to the Yamazaki River in Mizuho for Cherry Blossom viewing! This is part of the fencing along the river.

Walking along the river.

 Cherry Blossoms!

 Here is Sato standing on the deck overlooking the river.

 I'm not sure what this is exactly. Maybe a type of fungi? I liked the orange color.

 Here is my hand holding onto some cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms with some pine trees.

 At Yamazaki River you can find some food trucks along the way. We bought Yaki imo which is rock baked sweet potatoes. It is really good and perfect on a cool day! Another type of truck that I saw was for a Takoyaki truck. I think the trucks are only here during the Cherry Blossom viewing type since this is probably the busiest time of year around this area.

 Here is the view that we had while crossing a bridge over the river.

Sato and I had a great time walking along the river and looking at the Cherry Blossoms! I'm not sure how much longer the view will look like this, but if you are lucky it will last through this week. If you haven't seen Cherry Blossoms yet this year, go now!! Otherwise, you will have to wait for next year and hope that it isn't raining cats and dogs. Nagoya seems to have many places with Cherry Blossoms, but it's a different experience to see so many in one place. Enjoy your Hanami party!