Monday, April 11, 2011

Kyoto Part I Shinkansen!

 Sato didn't eat breakfast, because he woke up last minute so he had to buy a bento. These are kind of expense, but they are known to be pretty good!

 The inside of Sato's bento! In the store (which is on the train platform) you usually can see what the bento has inside. They have either pictures or a mock up of the inside. If you aren't picky and you have no dietary restrictions just pick one and see how it goes! You may be a good way!

 This is about 10 mayyyybe 15 minutes later. Sato was hungry.

 The inside of the Shinkansen! It kind of looks like the inside of an airplane. Especially with the fold up trays on the back of the seats.

 The Shinkansen leaving after we got off at Kyoto Station!

This is what the main entrance of Kyoto station looks like. It is enormous, especially since it has a lot of different stores inside and some department stores. A trip from Nagoya to Kyoto costs under 5,000 yen, which is much cheaper than going to Tokyo!