Monday, April 11, 2011

Sheeps and Owls Pillowcase

 So here is the front side of my patchwork pillowcase! This is my first try so forgive me for the squares not matching up quite right. lol But, even with that I like how the color combination turned out!

 This is the backside of the pillowcase with nothing inside. It is an envelope style, but I made mistake. I will need to remake it with the overlapping fold closer to the edge so I can get it over the pillow!

 See, this is as far as I can get the pillowcase one. It probably doesn't help that it is a buckwheat filled pillow so it is extra fat.

 Here's a close up of the fold and pillow.

 I used a golden thread to do the quilting over the squares.

 Here are the sheep for counting when you can't get to sleep.

The pillowcase all in all turned out pretty good! I'm actually proud of myself for having been able to make it fairly well. I will now attempt to make another one that has the exact same size squares and maybe a little bigger for the pillow.

I bought all the materials at Otsukaya. This is my new favorite store! If I could I would live in this store! It has about 5 or 6 floors of everything related to crafts!! It is located close to Chikusa station or Kurumamichi Station, depending on what train you use to get there. The idea of the pillowcase came from Design Sponge a blog about anything related to design, including how to make things. On Design Sponge this is called the "Color Spectrum Pet Bed" for those of you looking for the How to's on this project. One way to locate this blog is through, which is how I found it! Happy Sewing!