Monday, April 11, 2011

Knitting Project

 I knitted this baby blanket for my cousins who are about to have a baby anyday now. I bought this really soft yarn from a store called Craft World in Sakae. They waiting till the baby is born to find out if they will have a boy or a girl so I knitted in gender neutral colors!

 I added accents on the corners for a little extra fun. I made sure that the two bear shaped buttons would be too big for a baby to even try to swallow these buttons in case they came off. I even sewed them on with a lot of extra me paranoid, but I rather be safe than sorry!

 Here is a close up of the bear shaped button. There were so many buttons to choose from in the store, but I thought this was the best option! I also used some silk kimono fabric that I found at a kimono store in the same building. I wanted to add a Japanese flair to the blanket and so here it is!

 This is the blanket folded into a square, but you can pull the one corner to the diagonal corner and button it and then wrap your baby in it. I used a big knitting needle so it didn't take too long to finish! I just had to keep it up and away from Monta while I worked on it.

Here are all for corners. I used to types of silk fabric and I actually like how it all turned out. I already sent it off to my cousins and they seemed to be happy with the blanket. I just hope that they will actually be able to use it for their baby. For anybody in Nagoya looking for a craft store check out the store in Sakae. It's in the Skyle building on the 6F or whatever floor is below the Daiso that is in there. It is called Craft World and they have a lot of different things for crafts. I also checked out the Tokyu Hands at Nagoya Station since it is much bigger than the one in Sakae. They have more options than Craft World, but it's a little bit further for me to get there. I tend to stick with Craft World.