Monday, April 11, 2011

Monta Is Getting So Big!......and a little weird

 Look at how big his face has gotten! He's grown so much in the last month! He's practically full grown now!

 See he is definitely no kitten and he is so friendly now compared to when I first brought him home! I can actually take pictures with him now. Yay!

 This is Monta looking like an insect...or maybe he's doing "The Robot"........(-_-;) He's a little weirdo and I will show you another picture to prove my point.

Now, isn't this the weirdest way for a cat to use his litter box? I mean really, is it necessary to have all four paws on the edge of his litter box? Apparently, he doesn't want to dirty his paws by keeping them in the litter box while he does his business. Then when he is done he attempts to cover his business by scraping the area OUTside of the litter there is a button that will automatically cover the present that he left inside...."yeah, there's no button! I don't care how many times you scrape the carpet or the outside of your litter box! Your BUSINESS is STILL....VISIBLE TO ME!!!!!" (o_0*) /