Monday, April 11, 2011

Kyoto Part V Gion

 Sato and I visited Gion, but because we went to two other places before and spent a lot of time at those places we didn't get to Gion until around 4pm. If we had gotten the, were earlier it may have been much busier and we may have had the opportunity to see a Geisha or Maiko. Unfortunately, we didn't have that chance.

 After running into that pigeon at the beginning of Gion we saw this orange fencing and the street that splits off in two.

 A view of the main area of Gion!

 Sato and I infront of a temple at Gion. Again, this was in February and that's why we are wearing down jackets, probably not necessary now.

 Here is a photo of the bridge and 3 women dressed in kimono's. They are actually the ones that took Sato and my photo in front of the temple. They were very nice ladies wearing beautiful kimono's. We actually saw these ladies again in the main shopping area of Kyoto.

 Here is a better view of that street that the ladies were walking down.

 Looking down the street.

My favorite view from over the bridge. To get to Gion just get in a taxi and ask the driver to take you to Gion. This is probably the simpliest way for people who don't know their way around us. Happy travels!