Monday, April 11, 2011

Kyoto Part IV Sanjyusangendo

 This is actually another temple grounds that we went to. At this place there are (I think) 1,000 kannon statues with the (I think) thirteen deity statues......Don't quote me on the numbers it is highly possible am I wrong, BUT this place does have many statues of the same Kannon God that has many arms that are each holding something different. I would have taken a picture, but photographs are not allowed inside. If you are interested in having a picture you can purchase one from the gift shop.

 The Japanese garden outside the main building.

 There was this little place for cleansing your hands and making a prayer kind of off by itself.

 This is where you can use the water to cleanse your hands....I didn't since it was February and freezing.

 This place is called the Natural Spring for Worshippers....according to the friendly English translation. In case you couldn't read the picture.

 I love these gates! They are huge and the color is amazing! This is probably my second favorite spot at this temple. The first being the inside with all the Kannon statues.

 A view of the main temple area.

A gateway into another area of the temple grounds.
There are so many temples in Kyoto that it is impossible to see all of them in one day. I recommend that you either take a few days to explore Kyoto or make several trips. Either way you won't be disappointed!