Sunday, August 28, 2011

Japanese Shibori Handkerchief: Unfolding My Handiwork!

 The postage stamp from Arimatsu. I love the picture of the bird on it.

 It's now unfolded and I can start cutting the thread!

 The tools that were used.

 This is Yukiko and she is hard at work in taking out the thread from her handkerchief.

 As you can see she chose pink.

 One thread down and many more to go....

 Don't worry the patterns get more interesting than this. This is the only one where I tied a single ring, the rest have at least two rings.

 Pulling the thread!

A peek at whats to come! Keep an eye out for the next post! It will be a full display of all the patterns on my handkerchief and a little look at my friends handiwork as well!

I'm not sure which was more fun, tying or untying the handkerchief.