Friday, August 26, 2011

Nagoya: Arimatsu Shibori Kaikans' Museum

 Handmade dolls with shibori paper clothing.

These dolls were depicting how people used to work with shibori. Now, there are more machines involved in the dyeing process, but the sewing and tying are still done by hand.

Some samples of the different effects that are possible with shibori

 What the fabric looks like after sewing and tying, but before being dyed.

 Dyed fabrics that were twisted into ropes that will later be unrolled as in this photo.

 Fabric from previous generations.

 More historical items with shibori fabric.

 A close-up of the fabric being unrolled.

 There was an old woman who was working on some shibori. There were three seats for the ladies to sit, but on this day she was the only one working at the time. Her hands are very agile with a needle and thread!

 Another tool that is sometimes used in tying the fabric.

 A finished product. They had sewn two different fabrics together to make a zabuton (cushion to sit on).

A wall hanging.