Monday, August 22, 2011

Nagoya: Arimatsu Shibori Kaikan- Traditional Japanese Tie-Dyeing

The area where the Shibori Kaikan is still has the old buildings to keep the traditional feel.

A gated window

The modern entrance to the shibori kaikan.

Welcome to the Arimatsu Shibori Kaikan Museum! Come inside to find many souvenirs from coasters and key chains to handkerchiefs and kimonos! You can even try your hand at sewing and tying a handkerchief for only 1,150 yen! They do the dyeing for you since it takes two weeks. They send the finished product to you. If you are visiting from overseas I think they will send it overseas for an extra fee.

The bell decoration outside the entrance.

My handkerchief! They have a design on it that you follow. All items have a design stenciled on it to follow with either stitching or tying.

I started with the stitching first.

It wasn't too hard. You just need to follow the dots, under, over and repeat.

One petal down, three more to go! After stitching the petal you pull it closed so the material is sticking out the top. That's where you will be tying later.

It should look something like this after you pull the stitches closed.

All the needle and thread that we had available to us.

We were the only ones doing the class on this day. You will need to make a reservation before you go. Here is the number if you are interested,

Tel (052) 621-0111 or you can take a look at their website for more information!
Shibori-Kaikan They do have an English page!