Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nagoyas' Sister Cities Parks: Part III

 Welcome to the next section of Nagoyas' Sister Cities Parks! I think it is the Aztecs of Mexico section?  Please correct me if I am wrong!

 It's interesting that there are more people walking by the park than sitting in it and enjoying it...

 This photo makes me think of something out of a Ghibli movie..

This park had some beautiful hand made signs for some of the trees.

 Here is the shell of a cicada...before it becomes a cicada. Sorry, I'm not sure what the actual name of this stage is. I've always been fascinated by these bugs since I was little, but I wouldn't want one in my house. They are noisy enough outside the house!

Stone steps to....

Knotted for life.

 A close-up of that thing that looks like it is from a Ghibli movie.

 Is there a four leaf clover? I couldn't find one, but maybe there is one in there (somewhere) and it will give me good luck! (*-*)

 A big round carved stone. It had a lot of different carvings on it. I'm sure they have a meaning, but I don't know what they are.

A side view of the stone.

 The walkway had lots of simple touches for decoration....like these rocks.

A fork in the road.

Some Thistles with a beautiful color.

This park has a lot of small attention to details. If you can I recommend that you take a stroll through the park and see what you can find! Watch out for the next section of Nagoya's sister Cities Parks, it's Hollywood!