Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nagoya: Arimatsu Shibori-Kaikan; The Tying Process

 The tying part was the most fun for me. Just the idea that wrapping a piece of thread around the material can create a pattern was exciting!

The pattern was on the material with this dark ink that disappears with dyeing so you don't have to worry about stitching or tying exactly on the dots.

 My master piece! or what will become my master piece. They give you a choice of 3 colors, green, pink and indigo blue (the color that started it all). I chose the indigo blue and I'm really glad I chose that color. I will show you the finished product in another post. It's really amazing how it turned out. I am very happy and it is worth it to take the time to visit this museum.

The were sliding doors covered in paper in the front of the room. It had this tiger family and bamboo and mountains which are all tie-dyed! It was beautiful.....

The tigress and her cub

You can see with this close-up that it is all from shibori.

 The mountains

 The tiger

 Even the door handle was detailed, not in shibori, but still.

I hope this post makes you want to visit Nagoya! I highly recommend coming and going to Arimatsu. Kyoto may be known for the traditional buildings and temples, but the only historical place for shibori is Arimatsu. Come visit where it all started!

Shibori-Kaikan visit their website to make a reservation. Click on the English button to read it in English!