Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nagoya Museum: Rembrandt Exhibition (Until Sept. 2011)

 The sculpture outside of the Nagoya Museum. Every time I look at it I think of a seal doing a balancing act....not that it doesn't look cool! I do like the sculpture, it just reminds me of a seal. If it is supposed to look like a seal then it is spot on!

 In Japan, we aren't allowed to take photographs in museums. The only item I could take a picture of was this sculpture.....with no flash. This was an interesting piece of art. It looked like the empire state building with a few extra features that don't exist on the real building. Here you can see a man who may be a base jumper. At least I hope he is a man with a parachute!

 Here is the windows of the building. Each window have something in the window, either a person, blind or air conditioning.

 Here is a close up with a view of a guy in a window.

 Here are the people walking around on the sidewalk.

 One of the extra features...a dragon wrapped around the building.

 Another arm punching out of the building. Of whose arm I have no idea.

 Here is a man on the sidewalk with the rain pelting his umbrella.....very cool!

Here is a view of the entrance to the building. There were some other features, but they were on the other side which was too dark and I am still learning how to use my camera. I need a lot more practice on how to take photographs of things in dim lighting. If anybody has any tips, please leave a comment! I am always open to suggestions!

If you are interested in the Rembrandt exhibit it is in Nagoya until sometime in September. It is mostly of his sketches, but there are some of his oil paintings there. Either way they are beautiful works of art, although I would have liked to have more of his oil paintings. (^v^)y