Monday, September 27, 2010

A Bridge And A Highway

 This is the store where I bought a lot of my furniture and organizing boxes, etc. This place was the Japanese version of Ikea. There was a cafeteria where Sato and I had lunch and then we did some shopping! We spent a good three hours at this store and I found a lot of good buys and the items were really good quality! There are a lot of commercials for this store on T.V. and they only use mannequins (the picture is a mannequin family), and the commercial is a little creepy.
 Sato and I saw these palm trees on the way to the Furniture Dome and we looked at each other and he asked me "Are we in Hawaii?" lol Neither one of us thought we would be seeing palm trees in Japan.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of the bridge that we crossed over going home. It was a nice day so the clouds made this picture turn out even better than I had thought! I hope you like it!
 Japan for some reason has a lot of these types of bridges. I don't know if they just like the look of this type of bridge or it is the best type of bridge for the environment in Japan, but a few that are built like this.
 Here is a view of the Nagoya Bay while going over the bridge.
 This wall is on most highways in Japan. It's not necessarily exactly this type of wall, but there is usually a high wall of some kind.
 Here is a shot of one of the three toll booths that we went through. Sato has one of those ETC cards so we don't have to stop, just slow down. Although, every time we go though one I kind of grip the door handle and press the floor with my foot to slow down the car. lol I know that the computer will automatically raise the arm to let us through, but I wish he would slow down just a touch more for comfort.
 I took this picture to show all the advertisements that you can see from the highway. The buildings are pretty tall, but we can only see the very top where the advertisement is placed. Goo is a drink brand and I made sure it was visible because it just seems like such a random name for a brand.
 This is a curve on the highway and they really want to make sure you know that it's a curve.
Here is a view of downtown Nagoya. The round buildings in the middle is the JR building and the Nagoya station is on the first floor.