Monday, September 6, 2010

My Temporary Housing

The inside of my temporary apartment. From the front door you can see all the way to the sliding doors that lead to the balcony, which then you can see the white building and trees. I'm in temporary housing hence the clothes bursting out of my suitcase and not in the closet.
Should be looking at a possible apartment on Tuesday! I will have to see how I like it, although it's supposed to be smaller than this place, but with a loft that can be used as a bedroom or just a spare room. Maybe then my clothes will be in a closet.....if there is a closet and if I actually hang up my clothes. Ha! I guess we will just have to see about that too!

 The view of my room from the balcony window. It's small, but it's perfect for one person!

This is the view of the other half of my room. You can see that the place comes with a closet, but as you can see it is Not in use. My suitcase just exploded on the floor and stayed where it was. It said "No More! I can't take it!"

The temporary housing also came with a desk and the TV! There are only about 5 channels that are free, but who spends that much time inside when their in Japan?

The kitchen from the doorway of my room. The door at the end is the front door (see you can see my shoes at the door and yes, you have to take off your shoes at the front door in Japan). I don't have so many garbage bags, because I have a lot of trash. In Japan recycling is Very strict. There is one bag for burnable items, one bag for none burnable items, and one for plastic bottles (water, tea, cola bottles). It takes up room! Many stores sell garbage cans that have three tiers so that it takes up less room!

The view from my front door into my room. The doorway on the right is the bathroom. The sink is on the left and the toilet is in a separate room next to the bathroom. The doorway isn't visible, but it's directly on my right. It's the same thing with the washer, but it's on my left. The drying is done in the bathroom. The fan system has a button specifically for drying clothes.

Here is a view of the bathroom minus the toilet which is on the right side of this room.

One last shot of my room. Just thought you might like to see the room from a different angle. I hope you liked the pics. With everything (electric, water, gas, tv, washer, mattress) it was about 40,000 yen for a week. This is actually a pretty good deal since the last time I was here I paid a little over 500 dollars for 4 days and there was no washer and the place was MINI! The bath tub had been built for an infant! I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.....not pleasant. So, this was a real relief!