Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Apartment!

Here is a view of the TV (it came with the apartment), the closet and the steps up to my bed.

Here you can see how the the steps lead to my bed. A portion of the table is visible. Next to the bed outside of this frame is the doorway.

Here is a clear view of the doorway towards the stairs. Sato's mom is in the background looking out the window. There is a little space to the right of her, but I will show you that space a little later.

This is a view of the main room from the doorway. I was taking pictures from the right side of the window. The closet is visible in the upper left hand corner and part of my bed is visible in the lower left hand corner.

Here is my kitchen! Hahaha I'm not sure if it really qualifies as a kitchen, but I will call it my kitchen since I will be cooking here. Wish me luck!

Next to my kitchen is the room for my washer (came with the apartment) the toilet is behind the closed door. The shower and bath is in a separate room on the right side of this frame.

The sink is in the shower and bath room. I guess this way I don't have to worry cleaning up the water that spills on the floor. It will dry since it is the bath and shower room.

Here is the view from leaving the washer and bath and looking to the left.

This is the view to the right when leaving the washer and shower room. My refrigerator is visible and on top of the fridge is my microwave, both items came with the apartment. The stairs is slightly visible on the left of the fridge and then to the right of the window is the little extra space of the apartment.

Here is a view of my stairs coming up from my front door. When you come into my apartment you have to walk up these stairs, which are a little steep, to get to my apartment.

This is a view of that little extra space that I have in my apartment. I haven't figured out what I want to do with this space yet. Maybe storage? The windows look over the stairs and I can look down and see my front door.

Like this. You take your shoes off as soon as you get into my apartment. There is a shoe box for all my shoes and I can store some extra ones, like guests shoes under the very first step. This is a pretty new apartment, built only three years ago. There are some scrapes and other damage here and there, but that is to be expected with a rental. No pets are allowed which is a bummer, but I will survive. Just to let you know this apartment is probably on the bigger side for how much I am paying. If I was closer to the downtown area it would cost more and probably be smaller. I hope you like my apartment as much as I do!