Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Japanese style parking lots.....tricky tricky

This is a parking lot in Japan. They are all pay by the minutes (20 or 30 minutes). You have to be careful when reading the signs. Sometimes they charge a lot and other times there are caps on how much they will charge you....in other words they are tricky like all parking lots that charge! Also, here EVERYBODY backs in to their parking spots. The spots are tight so it is easier to get out if you back in, but being able to back into these mini spots takes practice! In other words I would be smashing up some cars if I tried.

All parking lots has this security system in place. For those who didn't read the sign very carefully and now have to pay about $50 and would like to skip out on the bill, but can't. This is a metal flap that rises after a few minutes of the machine sensing the car (I'm a little frightened to be referring to the security system as "the machine", as in "the machine knows"). The metal flap prevents the car from leaving the parking lot. As soon as you pay your fee the flap lowers (you can see Sato in the background paying the machine) and you are free to leave!