Saturday, September 11, 2010

Typical Family Meal plus a Dog

This is Marron! This was the one moment where she wasn't slobbering all over my arms and actually let me take her picture.

A prime example of Marron refusing to have her picture taken.

Here is Sato's Mom (fingers in upper right hand corner) bribing Marron to hold still long enough for a picture. Of course, right after I took this picture she barked at her to "Drop the Pear peel, now!".

Here is the family meal. We had eggplant, egg omelet (sweetened) with tomatoes on the side.

Here is a close up of the egg plant and also the fish! The fish was sooo good, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Here is a close up of the egg omelet with the tomatoes on the side. The tomatoes were very ripe and sweet. Sato's mom had made the egg omelet with a little bit of Sake and dashi. This egg omelet is pretty common, but sake is not a usual ingredient. She was trying a little experiment and it was pretty good!

Here is Sato and his Mom in the kitchen. She did most of the cooking, but Sato made this sauce for the cold tofu. First time I had ever seen it, but it was good!...Yes, I sat and watched, while they were in the kitchen. hehe (^-^)y