Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Japanese Tableware

This is Gingko....beans? nuts? They had a shell like pistachios, but the inside was like a soy bean. It was really good, but you can't eat too many of these. One, you just don't want to and Two, supposedly it has a lot of the B vitamin and too much isn't good for you. I was told not to eat these everyday, like I was really going to. I also liked the dish they came out on.

We didn't eat this fish, but this picture also had some more Japanese dishes on the back counter. In this picture you can tell that they are all different shapes and not just simple rectangular dishes.

Sato and I did eat these other two kids of fish, but this picture also shows the restaurants decorative plate that is always in the corner. At this restaurant we ate at the bar and they always have the fish that they have available for the day on display like this. When you make an order they take the fish from this case.

Here was our chef for the day. He also took our order since the restaurant is very tiny, not many people can be walking around the restaurant. Every once in awhile there will be another guy, but he was mostly in the back or at the other sister restaurant. Which has the same menu, but a different name.

These are spoons specifically for coffee or tea. In Japan, you can find a lot of spoons like this that are decorated. There are a lot of different kinds of designs.

Dear Shiro Yagisan, Dear Mr. White Goat. I love this plate! There is a matching soup cup and there are also 2 other designs. One is a cat and mouse ( I will show you later) and there is another design with cows. They are really cute.

This isn't really clear, but here is the matching soup cup.

Here is the cat and mouse version of the soup cup and plate. It says Nekko damashi, Tricking the cat. I love this because at the other end the mouse is holding the string to move the fish bone.

Here you can see the mouse holding on to the string and that the fish has gone past the cat's legs. Japan has a lot of dishes like this that are cute and fun.

These tea cups are more traditional in style. They came with the coasters, but that's not typical. usually you just buy one cup at a time, but this was a set.

This is a bowl with grapes and grape leaves. It's more of an oval shape than a circle. There are so many different styles and shapes when it comes to dishes that it can be hard to decide which ones you want, but at the same time it makes it easy to find the style that you like. I usually get stuck looking at tableware for a good hour or two. lol

This is probably my favorite cup. It is smaller, but it fits in my hand perfectly and I love the color on the cup! I will be using this cup the most.

I had to show this picture. This is a gift set that Sato received when he went to one of his friend's wedding. These are containers with tea leaves inside and it came with a spoon for removing the tea leaves from the canisters. I like these canisters and will continue to keep tea leaves in them once I use up the tea leaves that came with them.

I hope you enjoyed the little display of tableware that I gave here. This doesn't even come close to how many I have seen since I moved here.